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Medi-Share Member Featured on CBN's 700 Club

Stephen and Jennifer Strosnider were tired of the rising cost of traditional healthcare coverage...


3 Things to Know About Avoiding the Healthcare Penalty

If you still haven't chosen a healthcare solution for 2017, then you may be concerned about the...


Decoding President Trump's Executive Order

ACA Executive Order Confusion

On inauguration day, our newly elected President made a strong...


Is maternity eligible for sharing?

Medi-Share Members value life and family! Pregnant Members who have faithfully shared from the...


How does Medi-Share work with pre-existing conditions?

Although Medi-Share was designed primarily for new and unexpected illnesses or injuries, some...


What's an Annual Household Portion(AHP)?

Great question! Medi-Share terminology is unique to our healthcare sharing ministry. If you are...


Changes ahead for healthcare?

The Healthcare scene is in constant flux. Perhaps no other industry shifts, expands and contracts...


What does repeal and replace mean for you?

The 2016 election is now history. As inauguration day for the new administration quickly approaches...


Avoid Individual Healthcare Mandate Fee for 2017

Fee for not having insurance going up in 2017

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in...