Medi-Share's Health Partnership Coaching Program for Weight Loss

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Posted by Debbie Ryan on January 3, 2024

With a pilot program that had great success, Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share’s new weight loss program is expected to help Health Partner members reach their wellness goals with measurable success this year.      


MELBOURNE, Fl. January 2, 2024— Christian Care Ministry, the administrator of the Medi-Share health care sharing program, is proud to announce the launch of its Health Partnership Coaching Program for Weight Loss commencing on January 8th, 2024.   

This new and innovative program is a timely response to the staggering statistics that over 70% of Americans, both inside and outside the church, struggle with weight and weight-related health conditions. This Christ-centered initiative will give Health Partners a personalized and unique wellness program to help them reach their weight loss goals and give them skills to maintain a healthy weight long-term.    

The Health Partnership Coaching Program focuses on evidence-based principles of health and adopts a series of proven habits that create lifelong behavior change. Key topics include: Spiritual foundation, nutrition plan, daily exercise, sleep, and stress and time management. Each participant is assigned a certified health coach who walks alongside them through their wellness journey.  

“I’m excited that members will have these tools! The weight loss starter kit really emphasizes our Biblical focus and Christ-centered support!” –  Karen, Medi-Share Certified Health Coach. 

The pilot program, conducted with a select group of participants, has already demonstrated great success. The average participant shed at least 5% of their body weight, aligning with the findings of a significant controlled weight loss study published in JAMA in August 2023. Program engagement was impressive, with 65% of members actively participating and working closely with their dedicated health coaches.  

One inspiring success story from the pilot was Bethany, who lost 32 lbs and 4 inches in just six months. Bethany shares, “I’m exercising five days a week, give myself grace and take one day at a time! My stamina and self-confidence have increased!” 

For more information, visit the Health Partnership Coaching Program for Weight Loss page. 

About Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share 

Christian Care Ministry (CCM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Melbourne, FL, operates the Medi-Share program, a Christian health care sharing organization that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance for faith-based consumers. Now in its 30th year of sharing, Medi-Share, serves nearly 400,000 members across America and has earned accreditation from the Independent

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Christian Care Ministry's mission is to connect people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility. Through the Medi-Share program, Christians are able to share each other's everyday burdens, much like the early church did in the book of Acts.

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