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Love NEVER Fails

By Jennifer Driscoll


When you hear, “love never fails,” do you question it?


Has someone let...

Friendly Fire

By Medi-Share member and Friends Sharing Friends guest, Peter Rosenberger




An Unlikely Motherhood Story

By Rebecca Barrack


I didn’t even want to be a mom.

There, I said it. And it's almost Mother’s...

What Peter Learned About Perseverance

(a fictional account)

by Traci Rhoades


God has been teaching me (Traci) the importance of...

Love Always Hopes

By Stephany Eley


“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not...

Love Always Trusts

By Daniel Norris


When my son Jacob was learning how to swim, he would stand at the edge of the...

Member Spotlight - Ian and Angie Hoffman

Our member spotlight for April is on Ian and Angie Hoffman who live in Kansas City with their three...

Clothed in the Love of God

Love Always Protects

By Shawn Driscoll


Why is it that after the clothing of compassion, kindness,...

Caz McCaslin Visits CCM

Founder and President of Upward Sports, Caz McCaslin joined Christian Care Ministry employees for...