California congressman demands more transparency from health care sharing ministries

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Posted by Deborah Ryan on September 12, 2022

"To Evelio Silvera, a spokesperson with Christian Care Ministry, which operates Medi-Share, the legislation is backed by progressive politicians whose “mindset and their goal is to eliminate choice from the American public when it comes to their health care decisions.”

Silvera said Medi-Share, now entering its 30th year as a health care sharing ministry, has distributed more than $6 billion in payments and discounts for its some 400,000 members. “We started as a small group of churches, of deacons knocking on doors here in Florida, inviting other Christians to explore a way to live … and meeting each other’s needs,” Silvera said."

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Christian Care Ministry's mission is to connect people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility. Through the Medi-Share program, Christians are able to share each other's everyday burdens, much like the early church did in the book of Acts.

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