Avoid Individual Healthcare Mandate Fee for 2017

Fee for not having insurance going up in 2017

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted in 2010, the cost of healthcare has skyrocketed for many Americans. This year, in particular, the rising cost is accentuated by the upward ratcheting of the individual mandate (fee) imposed by the ACA. Per the website, “If you can afford health insurance but choose not to buy it, you must pay a fee called the individual shared responsibility payment.” Not maintaining healthcare coverage for 2017 could result in a fee of up to $2,085 at tax filing time.

The conundrum is that many Americans now have to choose between premiums that they can’t afford or paying a significant fee for not having coverage for the full year. This is no consolation for those faced with steep increases in their insurance premiums or having one or fewer options to choose from in their local insurance marketplace. The need to comply with the mandates of the ACA is certainly a point of frustration and stress for many individuals and families across the nation.


There are other options available

If you feel stuck in between the requirements of the law and affordability, there are other options that meet the ACA individual mandate and provide an affordable, Biblical healthcare option without breaking the bank. Healthcare sharing ministries, like Medi-Share®, meet the requirements of the law - 26 U.S.C. § 5000A (d)(2)(B)f. Medi-Share members are exempt from the mandate to purchase insurance or face financial penalties. Unlike health insurance where you pay a premium to a company, Medi-Share is a community of Christians who share each other’s medical bills directly from member to member.

Medi-Share offers flexible options for everyone from individuals, couples, single parent families, and families of three or more. With seven levels of sharing, options are available to fit nearly any family size or budget. Many times the cost is around half that of health insurance.

Since 1993, Medi-Share members have joined together to pay more than $1.6 billion in medical bills! In fact, all eligible bills presented for sharing since 1993 have been paid by other members. All members have access to one of the largest networks of providers in the country. Members also have 24/7 $0 cost access to telehealth providers for non-emergency care, as well as discounted dental and vision services. Read more about Medi-Share.

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