The Caregiver’s Prayer

By Medi-Share member and "Friends Sharing Friends" guest, Peter Rosenberger


Encouragement Series for Caregivers

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As caregivers, we often struggle with what to pray, or even how to pray. Watching a loved one suffer, slip away mentally, or flail about due to affliction is a crushing and painful experience. Mounting bills, relentless drama, and unyielding heartache seem to comprise a caregiver’s day. 


Wrestling with this in my own life, I put pen to paper to help guide my weary heart in prayer. Drawing upon scripture verses, great hymns of the faith, and the countless prayers of others, I wrote The Caregiver’s Prayer.


When words fail me, this prayer helps redirect my tear-filled eyes and my weary heart back to the unfailing love and strength of our Father. 


The Caregiver’s Prayer


Heavenly Father, I love _______. 

I have committed my life to caring for ______.

Yet I know the task is greater than my abilities.


As I seek to help another,

I ask for strength to shoulder the burdens before me.

Yet I also ask for the wisdom to know what is mine to carry.


I ask for the courage to admit my failures and make amends.

I thank you for your grace and mercy,

and ask that you help me daily apply it to myself and extend it to others.


As I walk through this long valley of the shadow of death,

I ask for a deeper awareness of your presence to calm my fears.

As I glance backwards, may I only see your provision.

As I look forward, may my eyes see your guidance.


May I reflect you as I minister to this one whom I love.

I pray all this in the name of your son, Jesus Christ,

Who laid down his own life ... for me.

© 2014 Peter W. Rosenberger, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER


Hope for the Caregiver by Peter Rosenberger