Dr. Don Colbert Visits CCM

Dr. Don Colbert, author of Let Food Be Your Medicine and Keto Zone Diet, joined Christian Care Ministry employees Wednesday morning for CCM’s Friends Sharing Friends program. This was the second time he visited CCM.


Dr. Don Colbert


Dr. Colbert, who graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1984, has been a Family Practice physician in Central Florida for the past 25 years. For the last five years, he has studied and put together the Keto Zone Diet, which focuses on switching your body from burning carbs as its fuel to burning fat.


Dr. Colbert talked about the science behind this diet plan and how it works to help prevent some of the most inflammatory diseases Americans face today. He has also helped develop an entire line of Keto Zone nutritional products to help your body get the essential fats, protein, and enzymes it needs.


Click on the picture below to watch our Friends Sharing Friends video from Wednesday, and listen to Dr. Colbert talk about his research and success with the program with CCM CEO Ted Squires.


Dr. Don Colbert