Want to Write a Guest Post?

Christian Care Ministry will provide contributing authors a biography clip that will be attached to the content they write.  Authors must provide a short bio about themselves as well as a headshot.  They must also link to the website URL from a Google+ profile to authenticate their authorship in the Christian Care Ministry blog.

All submissions to the Christian Care Ministry blog must be submitted as a word document and emailed to

Blog posts submitted to Christian Care Ministry should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Submissions should be compelling, unique content.
  • Commit to submitting up to one blog post per month.
  • We kindly ask that you not reuse your guest post after it has been published and that your content has not previously been published.  Submissions must be written in Microsoft Word and provided as a .doc or .docx attachment.
  • Must be grammatically well written in US English.
  • Meaningful to the Christian Care Ministry audience.
  • Have at least one Creative Commons Licensed and attributed image, diagram, or infographic.
  • All guest posts must be received seven days prior to the scheduled date or they will not be posted.
  • You should be willing to answer any ensuing comments/queries/doubts in the comments section for at least a time span of three days after publishing the post.
  • Provide a short bio about yourself as well as a headshot.


  • Start with a powerful, succinct headline.
  • Length should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Linking policy- A maximum of 2 links within your blog post are allowed as long as they are relevant to the topic you’re writing about.
  • Images that are properly attributed and have been credited should be emailed as a separate attachment in addition to the MS word document.
  • The use of short paragraphs and bullet points are encouraged as they make content easier to read.
  • An introduction to the blog from the author’s site linking to the full article on the Christian Care Ministry blog is acceptable.


  • Keep in mind; we may make grammatical changes, minor edits, title changes, photo changes, etc.
  • If there is room for improvement, we’ll let you know and suggest how to do so.

Articles should be related to the following topics

  • Finance, including but not limited to…..
    • Financial tips
    • Financial stewardship
    • Money saving tips
    • Financial education
  • Healthy living, including but not limited to….
    • Healthy lifestyle tips
    • Healthy Diets
    • Healthy recipes or dishes
    • Shopping Healthy
  • Healthcare, including but not limited to….
    • Healthcare education
    • Healthcare planning
    • Healthcare law

Blog submissions may not pass approval if they fit the following criteria:

  • An article that is republished anywhere else on the web. If content is found outside of submission to Christian Care Ministry, before or after it is published, action will be taken.  Depending on time stamp of content, the other blog will be notified to take down posting, or if Christian Care duplicate is posted at a later date, article will be deleted immediately without any notice, and any further requests for guest blogging will be turned down with no reason cited.
  • A self-promotional article for the purposes of linking back to the author’s site.
  • Linking out to irrelevant content or pages that do not support your article or link.
  • A sales pitch of your web site, product or service.
  • Articles with numerous spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Anything that is not suitable for family oriented audience (No vulgarities or obscenities allowed).
  • Defamation of any individual, business or organization.
  • Less than 500 words.
  • Please remember that Christian Care Ministry is a not-for-profit organization that serves the Christian community.  No religion bashing, racism, sexism, or general unkindness will be tolerated.